CRM For Hotels

Better manage all your organization’s relationships and interactions with guests and prospects and create meaningful personalized experiences across all channels.

Guest DNA, “Who is my Customer”

Guest DNA is a unique into the industry, feature of Verity Guest CRM providing a full understanding of customer history, context, behavior, preferences, and needs.
Guest DNA is built up from dozens of metrics using a variety of predefined calculations, prediction methods, industry models and custom, user-defined, metrics.



Advanced CRM Functionality

Verity Guest advanced CRM functionality includes Identity Resolution, creation of sub accounts, Survivorship, Audiences, Deletion & Anonymization, Tag Management, and many others.
Verity Identity Resolution assigns a unique ID to each individual so it can stitch together multiple records of that person across different systems. For example, if Michael Balzary is a guest record in Hotel A, another record in Hotel B, and another record in SPA system, the system knows that Michael is one person, not three individuals, so we can engage him accordingly.
Verity Survivorship creates the best version record, known as a surviving record when multiple information about a customer exists.

Email Marketing & Transactional emails

Verity Guest orchestrates email marketing for both transactional emails and targeted marketing campaigns based on data in PMS, Web, CRM, … to drive new reservations and revenue as well as to create a stronger bond between your guests and your brand.
Transactional email campaigns, hyper-personalized, help you contact your guests on every step of their lifecycle.



Next Best Action

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Verity Guest Next Best Action models recommend for every individual guest, based on his journey stage, personalized offers, messages and experiences in a clear and concise manner across all channels.
Engage across every channel giving to your guests the personalized experience they’re looking for and drive better performance for your brand.

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