Customer Data Platform For Hotels

Reach new levels of knowledge about your guests. Build rich customer profiles and use the collected data in every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Integrated Infrastructure

Consolidate and unify siloed customer and prospect customer data in one place with our pre-built integrations.
We integrate and aggregate data (identities, demographics, interests, preferences, behaviors, revenue, …) from a multitude of channels and data sources in different formats, both in batch and streaming.
Verity CDP supports the tech stack you have today.. and tomorrow, e.g. PMSs, POS, web, mApp, concierge, surveys, SPA etc. .



Single Customer View

Reach new levels of knowledge about your guests through a comprehensive Single Customer View about every customer on an individual level consisting of all identities (profiles across systems and channels) and metrics.

Data Clean up and Standardization

Maximize the quality of the data in order to consistently recognize the individual. Verity Guest uses a creative data quality framework based on deep industry knowledge, statistical model algorithms and catalogues for Standardization, Normalization, Matching and Deduplication.

Align your marketing, IT, and analytics teams with a shared data dictionary.



Privacy Repository & Trusted Data Source

Complete GDPR repository managing and synchronizing the individual preferences in terms of communication, data usage and data consent category.

Verity Guest CDP acts as a trusted data source enabling Self-Service data access and integration across marketing and operational applications.

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