Hospitality Decision Sciences

We harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to accelerate change and deliver game-changing results for your hotel business.

Property Intelligence

Verity Guest Property Intelligence is the most comprehensive hospitality analytical model in market.
With dozens of predefined reports and self-service dashboards hospitality companies use our Business Intelligence solution to improve customer service, implement better promotions, and more accurately analyze revenue indicators.



Operational Analytics

Hotel Brands may view and analyze data intelligence across the entire portfolio of hotels to improve hotel business plan and increase revenue throughout the enterprise.
Determines your best opportunities to increase revenue and improves your ability to compete in local, regional and global markets.

On-The-Books & Pickup

One of the most important factors in data analysis is to be able to compare information based on respective conditions.
Verity Guest PI gives you the chance to compare current business position with statistics of previous periods and track your performance to the performance review of the same day of previous years.
OTB and Pickup track variations on key metrics and KPIs across a wide variety of dimensions Hotel, Source of Business, Agency, Room Type, Board and many other.



Analytical CRM

Increase customer satisfaction, retention rate and optimize each individual guest Lifetime Value by understanding
– Guest clustering, attrition analysis and behavior
– Customer Value Management
– Guest loyalty
– Campaign performance
– Personalized upselling opportunities
– F&B and Auxiliary revenue information
– Market analysis

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